As you will see while you browse the site, I’ve included a lot of example information for you.  There are a lot of things that this site can teach you by logging in with one of the following user names.  The password for all users is: admin123

  • admin
  • admin-1
  • admin-2
  • admin-3
  • admin-4
  • admin-5
  • admin-6
  • admin-7
  • admin-8
  • admin-9

Please note that Admin, admin, Administrator, administrator, along with a handful of others should never be used on a site.

This site is fully backed up and will be restored every night to it’s original format. There site is for training purposes only.

Training Pt. 1

When you first login you will be redirected back to this page.  You will see a menu bar at the top of the screen.  Most WordPress sites have a menu bar unless the owner of the site uses code to hide it from the users.  I do this on all of my sites and if you host through IDWPH and you request it I will be more than happy to drop that piece of code on your site as well.  However, Administrators on the site need it for quick access to the back-end.

In most cases the back-end is where you do most of your work but that is for future lessons on IDWPH.  For now we just want you to become familiar with the use of this particular theme which is Themify Ultra.  This theme is by far one of my favorites because it is so versatile.  You may set up many different styles of page layouts, headers, footers, sidebars and much more.

Okay now for some pics!!  I love it when we get to the good stuff!


WAIT, don’t press this yet.

The toolbar at the top of your screen has many options.  The one here shows you the name of the site, “Example”, in this case.  by selecting the Dashboard link it will take you to the back-end.

Once you are in the back-end the same drop down will now say, “Visit Site”.  So you may  take a moment to look at the back-end if you like.



The next selection is, “Comments”.  If you are running a blog and or you allow comments on pages you will go to this section to approve a comment if it is moderated, or to see the latest comments on the material you have writen.


The New is exactly that.  If you want to create a new post, add media, a new page, Tile Group, or add a new Portfolio this will take you to the correct area in the back-end to accomplish this.


The name here speaks for itself.  By selecting this option you will be taken to the back-end to edit the page you are on.  Luckily for you if you are using Themify like I am, you will not do a lot of page editing in the back-end.  However, it is handy to go to the back-end to drag and drop things a little easier than trying to do that on the front-end.


Last but not at all least is the Builder!  Yes, believe it or not, I have done all of this on the front-end without even looking at the back-end to edit.  Now I have only used 2 modules for this page so far.  The basic image module, and the text module.

Training Pt. 2

Next we are going to talk about the builder and how it is used.  It is pretty simple, but I thought I would give you the basics.  First know that the modules may be selected from the side or within a drop down below the row.

NOTE: The image displayed below using the Image Pro Module gives you the ability to add many additional features.


  • Zoom in effect when you hover.
  • A faded background color.
  • Text
  • Call to action button.
  • Image opens in light box.
  1. Opens the builder on the side bar.
  2. Locks the builder so it’s always displayed.
  3. The purple “+” displays the builder in a drop down.
  4. A search feture to find your module.

The Builder Bar has many options I will explain them here.


Open builder modules on the sidebar.

Training Pt. 3

Next we are going to talk about rows.  Each row on a page can be different in width as well as the number of columns each row has.  You may set background photos, or color as well as overlays and much more.


I made no changes within my text document to color or font.  The background image, the overlay faded color, the font and font color were all handled using the row options.  The only modification I made on this module was to increase the size of the font, change the line spacing and increase the top margin to center the text above and below.

Row Options

  • Select how many columns you would like in your row here.

  • Export contents in your row.

  • Import contents from another row.

  • Copy row contents.

  • Past row contents from another row.

  • Opens the row options panel.

  • Opens row styling panel.

  • Duplicate row.

  • Delete row.

  • Minimize row.

Training Pt. 4

This site is full of content that I imported from Themify.  As an admin on the site you may see pages in the back-end that I did not create links for.  You may view any of those pages you desire.  Investigate the different rows and options that were used to create them.  Look at each of the modules on the page and see how they created them.

I created 9 pages called Practice and they are all blank.  These are for you to go and create your own design from.  I have every module on this site except the Post Type Builder, and the Announcement Bar.

If you have questions please direct them to Contact Us page on IDWPH.

Members of IDWPH get a Themify theme and plugins.  We will tranfer you from your current hosting environment to ours at no cost.  We are a full fledged hosting and design company that can assist you with everything web related.  However, if you would just like to purchase a theme or themify plugins for yourself then please select the banner below.  I will get a small kickback for promoting them.

Thank you!

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